Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tom & Jerry

I still love this cartoon.
What would you say if I asked you which one is closer to you, Tom or Jerry?

I'm at work and Im bored. Any suggestions other than watching Tom & Jerry? (No TV at work).

Is it true that we are safe and Birds Flu is not affecting anyone in Kuwait?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My 35th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 35 years old. I do not have those ugly feelings of growing old. But i realized that i didn't get my Masters degree yet. I was supposed to do so a long time ago, but i guess i've always been so lazy. Why? I always have reasons to come up with. When i first went to Scotland to get my University degree, I had a 9 months old daughter, and i did it. With all the troubles i had in my life, all the difficulties, and all the long lonely nights with a crying baby. I guess it was part of my stubborness. Some people who knew me kept telling me I might not be able to do it and that I'll get back to Kuwait after a short while. Well, maybe they did a good job letting me go, YO PEOPLE, GET LOST I CAN MAKE IT. Now I'm 35 and my daughter is almost 9. Is it too hard to get the Masters degree? Can I get rid of my lazyness? Am I prepared financially to do it? since I'm not sure if I can still take it through our Ministry of Higher Education. I lost my trust in them since they made me study one extra year after my BsC in science. I took the Honours degree when they told me that this would make elligible to get a scholarship for my Masters. Nonesence. I don't regret taking that extra year though. I loved Scotland and made good friends there. Studying Physics was not that bad also. but hey, I really want to do the Masters now.
Apart from this, I had a great birthday and was surrounded with my beloved family & friends all day long. At night we went to Khaimat Marina and had our (Ghabga) with the Eastern band. They were singing AbdelHaleem's (3o'balak youm meeladk) and i was swaying with the music and almost dancing (If you call the crab I did dancing). See? I'm still young and healthy and still can dance ;)
To you guys who were always there for me: Thank you and wish you all the best always...
(Sisters, Alia, Nida... I love you sooo much)