Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who's Nabila?

Last night I met Ayya, Walladah & my sisters (Shurouq & Hanan) at Chocolate Bar AlBede3 for coffee (and chocolate dips of course).

I just want to mention how happy I was to see Ayya & Walladah, although I spent only a little time with Walladah (since i was late as usual), but still good to see them after a long time. Alia, you've been missed, get well soon dear. We had a great time there (Hey guys, why can't we always do those kinds of gatherings?) Ayya, Have a safe trip and good luck in your case(s).

Anyways, after we decided to leave I jumped into my car to meet another friend, one of my closest, when Shurouq called asking me if I knew who I was named after?!

Since I was a kid, my Dad told me that I was named (Nabila) after one of his students, which he liked very much. For a while, I thought she used to be an Egyptian classmate at Cairo University where he used to study, but very recently, i knew that he was her teacher at Kuwait University and just today i knew she's Bahraini (for all that long, i thought she was Egyptian- well the name sounds Egyptian, don't you think so?)

Well, she was in one Bahraini newspaper (Al-Ayyam)
and this was going to be the first time for me to see her. (I couldn't wait till I get home to see it).

So here comes the other NABILA:

Nabila Al Khayyer

She is an artist and she's gorgeous, isn't she? :)
I mean for her age? Well if I was born in 1970 and she was a university student back then, how old do you think she is now?

Off-topic subject:

قرأت مما قرأته في كتاب ابنتي للتربية الإسلامية (والذي يدرس لفتيات في عمر الزهور) الكتاب هو الجزء الثاني للصف الخامس أي أن أعمار البنات اللاتي تدرسن هذا الكتاب لاتتجاوز الحادية عشر.

يقول الحديث المذكور في صفحة 73 من الكتاب

"إذا استيقظ أحدكم من نومه فلا يغمس يده في إناء حتى يغسلها ثلاثا، فإنه لا يدري أين باتت يده"

وبنتي تسألني

ماما يعني وين باتت يده؟

بالله عليكم، شارد عليها؟