Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The 44th American President

Congratulations Sir Obama...

President Barack Obama Inauguration Day January 20, 2009

FOX MOVIES channel was celebrating her own way, by showing movies like: The American President & Malcolm X...

What changes do you expect? Do you like Obama?


At 1/24/2009 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I am sorry that I have only really just truly discovered your gentle-spirited blog, after all these years... sorry to have missed you.

Second, I have enjoyed some of your old posts very much :) How is the fig tree doing? I love figs too like crazy, especially when they are a deep blue purple color and a velvety deep red inside. I love fig jam even more. It's the treat a dear friend (Sheba) and I enjoy whenever we have a chance to brunch at our favorite Cafe Blanc (highly recommended).

Third, Changes I expect with Obama as president. Hmm... newfound HOPE, REASON and above all SANITY, LEVEL-HEADEDNESS and a far more transparent honesty in US policy and behavior, in spite of how troubled and difficult things are for people in the US at the moment. There is a new feeling in the air with him and his lovely family in the White House. It is a sign that times are changing and we are coming out of the dark and frightening period we just went through, since the year 2000. I know that the seeds of hope and faith are growing ever so quietly and nicely in my heart. My ability to see that life goes on to new and different stages and places which have their own beauty and deep meaning as well as their own difficult and hard things, has been growing ever so slowly and gently, but it is there and I am nurturing it gladly.

It is wonderful to feel hopeful again, wonderful to feel that even in times of great difficulty and despair, there is so much good. That there is grace and dignity, honesty and truth hovering around....

And that to me, is the most important change President Obama has already made - the little budding changes in hearts and minds.

At 2/15/2009 2:26 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

Ms. Baker

Welcome here.
fig tree is doing well so far, of course i only tried one of its 2figs, but they say it will grow more next year.
i know that fig jam in Cafe Blanc, don't worry i wouldn't have missed it.

hope of change in USA: when will we have hope in change in Kuwait?


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