Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nothing special!!!


Last night my friends and I enjoyd a walk in the Millenium Park in Chicago where they had the TASTE OF CHICAGO festival. A great weather, very good food AND STEVIE WONDER's live concert in the park... need I say more?

Enjoy the Video

Update 2

1. Sick of the ugly weather here in Kuwait. In 12 days, i'll be leaving the country for a business trip to Chicago, where the International Planetarium Society conference is being held this year. This might be a good change for the boring rythm of my life here, but not that good also. I am a bit excited to meet some other participants which I've met in previous trips and became sort of friends. A 2 nights stop in New York is what I can't wait for. What could you possibly do in New York in a day & a half? Never enough.

Adler Planetarium, Chicago

2. The last time I went to the beach here in Kuwait (I guess sometime in May) was at the marina crescent beach. The beach was disturbingly dirty. It really was so polluted by people, left over food and cans and whatever you can imagine but a clean spot. Don't people really care?

3. Well, i'm not sure if this is true but i think i just noticed that Kuwait TV is the only TV (in the Gulf at least) that reports who dies every day. Am I mistaken? No other TVs list the names of dead people day by day, right? Well, it's just a thought, I don't even know why I thought about it?


At 6/29/2008 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky u ...Beautiful.
Enjoy it XXXX

At 6/29/2008 10:50 PM, Blogger Alia said...

wanasah :))

lucky you .. & we're stuck here with the heat & the dust :(

Enjoy suga'

miss u

At 6/30/2008 12:50 AM, Blogger Shurouq said...

ٌYou are mistaken :* I know for sure that Bahrain's channel does that too.

And don't waste any minute YouTubing. Make the most of your time over there.

Mom says she misses you :*

At 6/30/2008 8:33 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

Thanks :)

your place is empty
يعني مكانكم خالي
miss u 2
abee beeeeedo

ok, so im not a TV watcher
i am trying to make the most of my time but the thing is we sometimes have a short break between lectures, so i go YouTubing, plus, i wanted you to be here and to share this together, there are some amazing museums that i know you'll love..

tell mom i miss her too, but not that i really want to come back...ufff, there is life here, unlike Kuwait, so tell hanan im goingaway with her when she decides to immigrate from Kuwait ..

At 6/30/2008 10:35 PM, Blogger White Wings said...

you left without a good bye
bad girl
miss you sooo much
have fun and visit NY BCBG :)

At 7/02/2008 11:27 PM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

white wings

too late for New York BCBG, im already in Chicago, didn't have time to go shopping in New York...

i am a bad girl anyway,
miss you too
kiss yasmina for me please

At 7/11/2008 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 7/19/2008 8:49 PM, Blogger Disturbed Stranger said...

Why didn't you attend an Oprah show down in Chicago? :) she gave out good gifts that week :P

At 7/20/2008 3:35 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

Disturbed Stranger

We didn't really have much of a free time, and when we had time nothing was planned in advance.. it was all spontaneous


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