Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cristiana Pegoraro

One of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever been to, is the one I attended at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya on the 29th 0f October 2007. It was called: ITHAKA, the Journey of Ulysses A piano as a vessel for discovering the Mediterranean Cristiana Pegoraro, the Italian composer & pianist, entertained us with her amazing performance. She introduced each piece of music by her sweet words that described the composer or/and the music.

Cristiana Pegoraro 01

The concert started at 7:00 pm with one of her own, ITHAKA: Sailing Away, followed by Mozart’s Turkish March, Liszt’s Serenade, Chopin’s Revolutionary, ITHAKA: Colors of Love and 3 Piazzola/Pegoraro’s Tangos: Chau ParisMilonga del angelViolintango.

Cristiana Pegoraro 04 After a short break, the second part of the show started. She played Chick Corea’s music of Children’s Songs, followed by the piece that touched me most; ITHAKA: The Wind and the Sea. Then 3 Lecuona’s Spanish Dances: AndaluciaGitaneriasMalaguena.

Cristiana Pegoraro 02

Her last in the program was ITHAKA: Now I know. But after a long applause by the audience she played one last piece which I couldn’t manage to get the name of, but was absolutely amazing. Her fingers were dancing, more like flying over the piano’s keyboards.

She then said she didn’t want this to end by her being on stage and the audience in their seats, so she decided to meet us outside and sign her albums for whoever wants to, and to have chit-chats with us. She was sooo sweet, passionate, adorable….I simply fell in love with her.

Cristiana Pegoraro 03

It was a real wonderful night that kept me thinking and wondering: why don’t we have more classical music nights in Kuwait that often? For those who missed it (and missed the other program -which I missed too- the next day), you might be able to go and see her in Bahrain soon (in November). Concert days are as follows:

Sat., 11/03/07, 8:00 PM MANAMA, BAHRAIN Novotel Al Dana Resort

Sun., 11/04/07, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM – MASTER CLASS MANAMA, BAHRAIN Cultural Hall of theBahrain National Museum

Tue., 11/06/07, 8:30 PM MANAMA, BAHRAIN Cultural Hall of theBahrain National Museum

Today, I turned 37. Still young, ha?


At 11/02/2007 10:52 AM, Blogger Soud said...

Nice music

Happy birthday,
وتعيشين العمر كله بسعادة

For the classic music, u should watch/ listen Beethoven Symphony No. 9 by Karajan he is great!

At 11/02/2007 10:11 PM, Blogger Soud said...

I forget birthday present

At 11/04/2007 4:22 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

Thank you. She has better music but i couldn't link it here. I'm travelling tomorrow and i have so many things to get done with. but i promise i'll listen to this music soon.

Oh, but i'll check my birthday card now i guess. Thanks again.

At 11/04/2007 4:28 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...


Unfortunately the link doesn't show me my birthday card. It does take me to Birthdaycards site though.

i appreciate your greetings anyway.

"Bis Morgin"

At 11/04/2007 5:34 AM, Blogger Soud said...

At 11/04/2007 7:57 PM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

Thank you Soud, i am travelling in a few hours & i will GO BANANAS. hehe...

At 11/17/2007 1:58 AM, Blogger White Wings said...

كنت بالطريق للكونسرت ومسكتني الزحمة وما وصلت
اشلونج، يلا رجعي

At 1/12/2008 5:24 PM, Anonymous Adel said...

I am soory now i did no see it, becouse of work.
So I can wnjoy the Music and the one that is plying the music.


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