Thursday, August 31, 2006

Adieu Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz
The only arabic winner of Nobel Prize for Literature is dead...
It's so sad, i almost cried when i heard the news...
Mahfouz's novels affected me as they did for so many other people
I don't think any writer can replace him in Egypt or in the whole Arabic region

Let's wish him mercy and happy ending...


At 9/02/2006 12:44 AM, Blogger 3AJEL said...

رحمه الله واسكنه فسيح جناته
تغطية البي بي سي كانت من ممتازة
وامس خبر موزين ان الجنازة احتكرتها الحكومة لنفسها ولم تسمح بقيام جنازة شعبية حسب وصية الفقيد

At 9/02/2006 11:14 AM, Blogger Alia said...

الله يرحمه

At 9/02/2006 12:50 PM, Blogger Pepsi-guy said...

You mean he is better than fouad al hashim??

At 9/02/2006 5:21 PM, Blogger iDip said...

رحمه الله... كان عندما دفن كمكتبة تدفن، نسأل المواساة في كتاباته

At 9/02/2006 7:05 PM, Blogger NuNu™ said...

الله يرحمه

At 9/03/2006 1:31 AM, Blogger White Wings said...

may he rest in peace
a true loss for the Arabic world
as you know another Nobel prize?
ما أعتقد :)

At 9/05/2006 1:16 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

للأسف طافتني تغطية البي بي سي
والله يعين هيك شعب ع هيك حكومة

so did they have any special mourning ceremonies in Sharm el Sheikh? :)

لا ما يقايش
منو نجيب محفوظ جدام أبو الأدب فؤاد الهاشم؟
حتى على غشمرة مو قادرة أتقبل الكلمة

آمين يا رب
& welcome to my blog, first time right?

i miss you girl
me not commenting on your blog doesn't mean i'm not reading
الزبدة متى نشوفكم؟

white wings
what do you mean, as i know another Nobel Prize?!!!

At 9/05/2006 1:20 PM, Blogger Alia said...

Sharm is full of Italians who doesn't care or even know him

so NO

At 9/05/2006 6:34 PM, Blogger Hanan said...

A big loss indeed. Allah yer7amah.

Alia. Italians. Yalla let's go :)

At 9/06/2006 1:57 AM, Blogger NuNu™ said...

Miss you more 7abeebti.. Inshallah very soon ;*

At 9/07/2006 4:00 PM, Blogger iDip said...

I've been here a lot, but I just noticed that it's my first time to comment :)

At 9/08/2006 10:03 AM, Blogger ValenciaLover said...

7ayak allah anytime, it is my pleasure to have you here

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